Bath salt soaks help you detox, hydrate, heal your skin and the therapeutic benefits of bathing in sea salt have been around for ages. It’s rich with minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium which help strengthen the skin and improve hydration levels.

So, in short, a product provided by the ocean for our wellbeing. Nature’s way of helping us with this unique ingredient. On the other hand, we all know what is happening with the ocean at the moment and that it’s filling up with plastic. Plastic that we put there. 

If we look at the packaging of this unique natural product, unfortunately we see a lot of plastic bags, jars etc. used for selling the bath salts. So, we sat down with some of our designers to create a concept with zero plastic and combining it with striking and eye-catching design. Best of both worlds.

The Bath salt is sold in minimalistic, bold coloured, aluminium reusable cans. The happy and brightly coloured cans give you a good feeling and will be an asset for every bathroom. You buy your refills in recycled paper bags. The different scents and added herbs are easily recognisable by the bold colour combinations in the S branded stickers (also produced with recycled paper and vegetable-based glue). 

The brand design is based on the S referring to Salt. The brand symbol is topped off with a half O (zero). An O cut in half, to remind us, although we are wishing for a Zero plastic ocean again, we still have a lot of work to do together.