Jan van Hest is a very well-known vinologist from Tilburg, the Netherlands. He has worked in the wine industry his entire life and at the age of 65 he started his own wine business. For his large customer base he selects and buys the best wines, but also organizes special tastings and other events. His clients are very loyal and trust his judgement blindly. In other words, if Jan says it is a good wine, it’s a good wine and worth buying.

For his most special selections we were asked to create Jan’s own personal wine brand. So, the main challenge we encountered was… how do you turn a well-known vinologist into a wine brand which immediately appeals to his target group and conveys that this is Jan’s top choice. Both design and brand name needed to be created.

We came up with the idea to ‘literally’ change Jan into his own brand and packaging. In other words, we used a special graphic solution to turn Jan’s head into a label. Through a 3D photoshoot, with special cameras arranged in a circle of 360 degrees, we made a complete 3D image of Jan’s head. By means of a special illustration technique (where the image consists of dots) we have determined the final graphic style and turned this image into a physical label for the bottles. Jan’s face has actually become the Brand. If you turn the bottle, Jan’s face rotates 360 degrees. Embossing is used to create extra effect, such as with the ears and hair.

We have created a red and a white variant, which seasonally can be used for Jan’s selections. Without a doubt connecting to his target group who will immediately make the connection that this is Jan’s top choice.

To add extra strength and a bit of humor to the brand we have also created the brand name for these wines; “Wè vin de Jean”. For a layman, this sounds a bit French and “wine-like …” But the true Tilburg connoisseur knows that “Wè vin de Jean” is Tilburg’s dialect (pronunciation: wè vènde jean) for “What does Jan think” and this is in our eyes therefore THE perfect brand name.