Since this month Bols Foam, the first and only liqueur foam in the world, produced by Lucas Bols, is conquering the world in a revolutionary way. The innovative product supplies cocktails, mixed drinks, sparkling wines, sodas, beer, coffee and desserts with a tasting foam layer that stays firm up to 15 minutes.
Van Heertum Design (VHD), already working together with Bols for a long time, was responsible for the label, packaging and complete brand design.

VHD Bols single bottles

For Global Brand Manager Bols & Italian Liqueurs Hanneke de Bruijn, the choice was easy: “We specifically chose VHD to work on the complete concept of Bols Foam. VHD is very good in translating the core of the brand into a clear and appealing message, creative design and giving professional guidance in the production phase, resulting in brand material of a very high quality”.

Account Director Rob van Heertum (VHD) immediately knew that Lucas Bols had a winner in their hands with Bols Foam: “We already work with Bols for a long time, but in this case their request was very special for us, because it is concerning such a special and unique product. That we can be part of the inevitable success of Bols Foam is very exciting.”

Bols Foam is available in two different packs (multi and single), together with a specially developed foam pump. Together with a ‘patented natural ingredient’ the pump converts the liqueur into foam instantly.

The flavours Blue, Crème de Cassis and Banana are used for cocktails. For desserts and after diner moments Bols developed the flavours Amaretto, Cacao White and Peppermint Green. Each bottle of liqueur will get you 2 litres of foam. Trade professionals across the globe are very exited and welcome the new product with open arms. No surprise to Lucas Bols and VHD: “No Bols, No Glory!”